60 seconds democracy

At 7. and 8. July 2017 the leaders of the European Union and the world’s 19 most developed and emerging economies met in the city of Hamburg/Germany. The major of Hamburg, Olaf Scholz announced the meeting as a “Festival of Democracy”. Over 30.000 police officers where in the city to protect it. Up to 100.000 people came to Hamburg to protest against it.
Lars Kollros and Alexandra Zaitseva accompanied the week of protests with their cameras.
This 60 seconds short film shows how the democratic Federal Republic of Germany reacted on protest while the G20-Summit in Hamburg.

watch also the main project homepage festival-der-demokratie.de

camera: Lars Kollros & Alexandra Zaitseva

1:00, Germany, 2017


Avalonia Festival 2017 – Best One Minute Documentary

The 60 Second Film Festival 2017

Miami Independent Film Festival monthly edition September 2017

Minnie Mini Film Festival 2017 Minneapolis

Punkfilmfest Too Drunk To Watch goes Pott #3 2017

Audio Engineering

Audio engineering seems to be still a male domain.
Even in the self organized anarchist DIY-Scene are female audio engineers rare.
This short film attends a female audio engineer for an evening in the self organized concert venue “Venster99” in Vienna.
She tells the viewers about her work as sound engineer but also about her experiences as part of a female band.

6:44, Germany / Austria, 2017


Australian Music Week Film Festival 2017

Punkfilmfest Too Drunk To Watch goes Pott #3 2017


This very short stop-motion film explains in 39 seconds how Europes borders work and how Europe acts in the refugee-problem.
The film is brutally honest and leaves no open questions and no room for escapes.
The visitor stays with the feeling that there has to be changed something.
No Borders – No Nation – Stop Deportation!

0:39, Germany, 2016


33. International Shortfilm Festival Hamburg 2017

25. Crominute Požega (HR) 2017

Miami Independent Film Festival monthly Edition June 2017

Punkfilmfest Too Drunk To Watch goes Pott #3 2017