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About me

Born 1979 and raised by my mother in a small village near Stuttgart/Germany I had a nice and easy going childhood.

In the age of 10 we moved to an even smaller village in the hell of black forest. As it needs about 20 generations until the native people start to accept you, living there without having a lobotomy was a kind of isolated detention. Anyway I think it was better not to be included in this kind of narrow minded community.

With 19 I was able to escape and so I did.

After technical trainee and studies I started to study sociology at the university Duisburg in 2005.

I dropped that studies successfully after a few protest and squatting activities against study-fees and after I founded in 2007 the Punk-Label RilRec together with my friend Maks.

I started Photography, writing, Radio projects and then Film Projects.

2013 I founded the webshop for fairtrade ecological underwear

2017 I applied for the Academy of fine Arts in Vienna where I’ve been accepted by Prof. Dorit Margreiter in the class for Video and Video installations.

I live in Hamburg and Vienna