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Resistance, Body,Sound and Vibrations

The performance Resistance, Body, Sounds and Vibrations explores the meaning of
human touch, sexuality and explicitly also the meaning of consent and communication in
connection with touch, physical contact and sexuality. It is about the idea of a queer posthumanist
world in which bodies become cyborgs and merge with the technological world
and and gender loses its meaning. Three people in semi-transparent suits are connected to
a computer system via electrodes and by touching at least two people, a noise sound can
be generated under certain conditions. However, the sounds can only be generated if the
resistance of the suit to the body can be bridged through non-verbal communication and
energy can flow between the two bodies.
Abstract images are projected onto the performers with two projectors, partly geometric
shapes, partly abstract sexual images.

Another level of the performance is based on sex toys, which can also be controlled by these
touches and create an additional soundscape through their movement. Sexual tension is
translated into electrical tension, which can then be translated back into sexual stimulation.
The performers can decide for themselves which areas of the body they want to make
electrically conductive with a special spray and thus allow performative touching there.
Conductive bondage ropes open up yet another level of performative, sex-positive
communication, in which power structures are made audiovisually recognizable and

Photos by Maël Henriques