Festival of Democracy

82 Minutes, Germany 2018, DCP / h264

At 7. and 8. July 2017 the leaders of the EU and the 19 most developed and emerging economies of the world met in the city of Hamburg/Germany. The Senator of the Interior of Hamburg, Andy Grote announced the meeting as a “Festival of Democracy”. Over 30.000 police officers where in the city to protect it. Up to 100.000 people came to Hamburg to protest against it.
Lars Kollros and Alexandra Zaitseva accompanied the week of protests with their cameras.

Project Homepage

New website is online

Hell yeah! I finally did it! I finished my new website. And it took me only years since i registred the domain misconception.de. I drove last week to Požega in Croatia by bus and thanks to the new EU mobile phone roaming law I used the time to setup this website. Actually I hatelong distance bus rides, but with a laptop and a good internet connection it seems to be OK.

I will still upload some old stuff (and of course also new things) here in the future but I thinks I can release this website already to the freedom of the internet.

Punk in the province

As I grew up in the province of black forest I know how hard it is to live there as an open minded person. That’s why I started writing the column „Punk in the province“ for the Punk-Fanzine „Plasticbomb“.

In the past years I visited:

  • JUZ Geithain
  • JUZ Burglengenfeld
  • JuHa Herrenberg
  • Projekt Schuldenberg Plauen
  • AKW Bitterfeld
  • Pennerschützenfest Lingen
  • djäzz Duisburg
  • ATV Sarria de Ter (Katalonien)
  • AJZ Bahndamm Wermelskirchen
  • UJZ Peine
  • somewhere near Rostock